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I was drinking coffee at Petite Sweet Boutique Bakery, one morning, with our mural artist Charles Sims. We were hoping to wait out the rain so we could get back to work painting the historic mural. A gentleman and his wife came in for donuts and coffee. I asked him where he was from. His response, “America.” We all laughed. He had been in the military and traveled all over the world but decided to retire in Headland. I had to ask, “Why Headland?” He responded instantly and said, “Because it feels like a small town, a community here.”

Working with Main Street Alabama, I get to visit many towns and cities. We are all working toward the same thing. To feel warmth, love, safety and acceptance where we live. We all want to be successful with our work and families. We all want to have enough money to live on without the stress with comes with, well, living.

So, what makes Headland feel like community? Our people, working together to make us a great place to live and work. You know, like America. One nation. Under God.

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