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Headland is Thriving

A nonprofit organization, Main Street Alabama stresses public-private partnerships, broad community engagement, and strategies that create jobs, spark new investment, attract visitors, and spur growth. Main Street builds on the authentic history, culture, and attributes of specific places, to bring sustainable change.

Main Street Alabama's approach inspires people young and old not only to give back to their community but also to come back to their hometowns: to live, to become entrepreneurs, to breathe new life into our downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts, and most importantly to remember what is old can be new and thriving again. Main Street Alabama isn't just about Building Better Downtowns - it is about making your hometown the best it can be.

Headland Main Street became a designated community in June 2019 after being a member of the Main Street Network for one year. A rigorous application process included digital information, video presentation, photographs, economic statistics and demographics, letters from community members and a physical presentation in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Mary Helmer, Alabama Main Street Coordinator said, “Some towns will say that they have great people. That usually means that their downtown is terrible. Headland has both great people and a great district downtown. There is a buzz here. The buzz isn’t limited to newcomers or people who recently returned, but to people who have lived here all their life. Good things are happening in Headland!”

Main Street Alabama’s revitalization program depends on local businesses cooperating, with support from government and financial investors, to succeed. We have partners here who are investing with us financially, physically and emotionally.

Plans for Headland Main Street include encouraging more visibility and foot traffic, renovating abandoned buildings and filling them with vibrant businesses, adding more community events and social happenings, more art and history to name a few.

In order to achieve these goals fund raising is a top priority. We will be asking for investors, writing grants and applying for micro-loans.

We encourage you to partner with us to help Headland grow strategically and maintain its economic momentum.

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Business Directory

Art & Crafts






  • Kingdom College




  • Robinson Storage Rentals

  • Centurytel

  • Venture Automotive Group

  • Forrest Street Warehouse

  • Headland Mini Warehouse


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