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Heart for Art
in Headland

Support our Arts Council

Join our team of artists and art enthusiasts to expand and deepen our art culture in Headland. A membership is only $10 and will support our first Harvest Festival Art Show and more arts in the future.

Fill out the form below and donate $10 to our Arts Council Fund. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

Headland Arts Council is dedicated to promoting and supporting local artists, fostering a vibrant arts community, and providing opportunities for artistic expression and engagement for all members of the Headland community.

The Headland Arts Council is a passionate community of artists and enthusiasts dedicated to promoting and celebrating local art through meaningful connections with the community, inspiring future artists, and providing opportunities for artistic growth in the Headland area.

The Harvest Day Art Show is a brand new addition this year! Check out beautiful handmade pieces in a gallery at Kingdom College on the Square on Friday night (7:00-8:30) and Saturday during the Festival. Brand new to Harvest Festival, the art show is an avenue to promote and support local artists, foster a vibrant art community, and provide an opportunity for artistic expression and engagement for the Headland community. Entries are available for viewing and/or purchase. Brought to you by the Headland Arts Council. 

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